Fort de Bernia

Ever heard about Fort de Bernia? Well, this is one of the most unique and secluded places where you can plan a worthwhile visit. It was constructed in 1562 under the directives of one Italian engineer named Juan Antonelli Bautista. The Main purpose of this was to provide vigilance for the Moorish population which had occupied the place during these early years and had revolted on countable occasions. However, about fifty years later, the construction was dismantled and now lies as a ruin. This was precisely in the year 1612 and is now a notable landmark in Sierra Bernia.

Accessibility to this place with your starting point being Alicante is easy when using bus services. It will take you roughly forty minutes to get to Sierra Bernia from Alicante. You should also note that the there are two main bus lines which are the most convenient when heading here, these are bus lines 24 and 46A. When in Sierra Bernia, getting to Fort de Bernia requires a bit of maneuvering. If you are driving, drive on the CV-750 to Jalon and you will find Cephas gas station, take the asphalt road Camino Cementerio. Drive for about a kilometer and at the T junction take the CV-749 road. After about 11 km you will see a large information board. From the information given, take the route that goes south-west and you will find yourself at the fortress.

Well, it is also important to know what Fort de Bernia offers in terms of hotels and accommodation before your trip. If you are traveling to this place and are planning to spend several days here, there are hotels and accommodations nearby ready to take you in. some include Finca Sierra Olta which charges USD40 per night, Masi charging USD62 per night, Altea La Nova which charges USD194 per night just to mention a few. These hotels are just about 5km away from the fort. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are working on a shoestring budget or not, there is a place which will fit your itinerary.

As one planning to tour here, another important piece of information which will come in handy is about the geography of the place. Simply, what type of terrain do you expect to find and how prepared should you be? Visiting Fort de Bernia is no walk in the park and you need to be well prepared. The place is mainly a hiking area, it is rocky and mountainous. Therefore, you need comfy hiking shoes, pants and don’t forget to carry a cap for the sun. If possible, avoid carrying a lot of heavy stuff, they will wear you down. Apart from the tough terrain, the area is also expansive, so do not forget to have water with you, you will need to cool yourself down.

Conclusively, Fort de Bernia is one of the most thrilling places you can visit if you are a lover of nature and hikes. You get the rare chance of interacting with rich history and nature in one place.

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