Sierra De Bernia

Sierra De Bernia is a famous tourist attraction due to the natural attraction sites in the area. Mountains, natural springs and even an ancient fort and a way through the mountain are just a few of the features to see in Sierra De Bernia. This location is found in Spain and it is a site with series of mountains and it is one of the most popular sites for touring visitors in Spain. The famous circuit of this mountainous region of Spain is a common destination for many tourists.

How to get to Sierra De Bernia

There are two main ways to get to Sierra De Bernia. The first involves a drive until you get to the top of the narrow that leaves the road near the springs of Alahma. A statue near a fruit selling tall is the indication of the turning point. Follow the narrow road and ignore all the diverting paths because they all lead to dead ends. It will get to a steep climb after a few kilometers that will lead to a scattered settlement where you will be required to park your truck. The footpath behind the settlements will further lead you to a gated area. Continue following the footpath heading away from the West until you get to the ancient fort from which you will be able to get a clear view of the landscape.

The other option involves the climbing of the main summit. To do this you have to follow a footpath that heads to the North, which is marked with red paint. You will get to a steep rising which leads to an area that is exposed. From the exposed area, the way up is very clear to the ancient fortress. Just beyond the fort, there is a wide path that heads north and which later becomes narrower and continues to descend. It will continue to descend until you arrive at a small region of occupation with small housing. The largest construction is a food joint that is open most of the times. Follow the track to the East till you get to the cultivated fields and ignore all feeder paths until you get to a very low tunnel. When you get to the next split or roads, take the left road and continue descending until you get to a font that has a door. Here, your tour around the mountains of Sierra De Bernia is complete.


Spain is among the many tourist destinations. However many tourists do not know about the Sierra De Bernia in the country. This is one of the most attractive sites in Spain with many mountains and rages, natural springs and even tunnels through the mountains. From the mountains, the view of the land is spectacular and getting there is not very difficult. There are two main ways of getting to Sierra De Bernia. The varied, distribution and changes in vegetation and animals is also a sight to behold in this area of Spain. There is also an ancient fort in this region that was demolishes but the remains are a spectacular view.



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